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Please create your individual menu by choosing between the different courses below. For further wishes do not hesitate to contact us.


 Small seasonal salad
Salad of fresh tomatoes and onions


Soup of tomatoes "Rustica" (vegan)
Cream soup of mushrooms (vegetarian)
Cream soup of crabs

Main course

Braised Beef roulade
Rolls of young pork with mustard sauce
Medaillons of turkey hen with tomato-basil sauce
Stuffed peppers with herb olive crumble (vegetarian)
Potato broccoli casserole (vegetarian)
 Eggplant curry (vegan)


Pear "Belle Hélène"  (vegetarian)
Chocolate cake with liquid core (vegetarian)
Yogurt foam with strawberry salad

22 June 2017
Daily rates
 Single Double
22.06. Thu.  sold out    sold out
23.06. Fri.  sold out    sold out
24.06. Sat.  €90.18    €109.49
25.06. Sun.  €76.01    €95.31
including buffet breakfast, accommodation tax and V.A.T.


Thu, 22.06.  31°C 
Fri, 23.06.  23°C 
Sat, 24.06.  24°C 
Fairs in Berlin
20/06/2017 - 22/06/2017
20/06/2017 - 22/06/2017